Physician Dispensing Allowed:



A dispensing physician is a physician licensed under the Arkansas Medical Practices Act who purchased legend drugs to be dispensed to his or her patients for the patients’ personal use and administration outside the physician’s office. This does not apply to physicians who only dispense drugs in injectable form unless they are controlled substances. Physicians are required to submit an Application For Permit To Dispense Drugs with the Arkansas State Medical Board which allows a physician who is authorized to prescribe medications in the state to dispense those medications during the normal course of practicing medicine as long as he or she complies with state and federal law.

Required Documentation:

A dispensing registration and permit is required depending on the physician’s and patient’s individual need to dispense.

License/Registration Form:​

Arkansas Physician Application for Permit to Dispense Drugs

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Arkansas State Medical Board
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Phone: (501) 296-1802
Fax: (501) 296-1805