Physician Dispensing Allowed:



In the state of Maryland physicians are required to acquire a dispensing permit from the Maryland Board of Physicians before dispensing medications in-office. Maryland regulation requires dentists, physicians, and podiatrists to comply – as a condition of being allowed to personally prepare and dispense prescription drugs – with specified requirements related to dispensing, labeling, inspection, packaging, recall procedure, recordkeeping, purchase, verification, reporting, and continuing education. The regulations also requires the boards of Pharmacy, Dental Examiners, Physicians, and Podiatric Medical Examiners to make specified annual reports to the Division of Drug Control (DDC) in the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH). In addition, the regulation establishes requirements for DDC to (a) inspect the office of a dentist, physician, or podiatrist who holds a dispensing permit; and (b) report the results of the inspections to the respective board of licensure.

Required Documentation:

A dispensing registration and permit is required depending on the physician’s and patient’s individual need to dispense. The permit total costs cover the license fee and cost of the inspection required of all permit holders. The state will perform a yearly inspection of the practice to ensure compliance.

License/Registration Form:

Maryland Physician Application Website

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