New York

Physician Dispensing Allowed:



A New York prescriber who is not the owner of a pharmacy, or registered store, or who is not in the employ of such owner, may not dispense more than a 72-hour supply of drugs, except for: (a) persons practicing in hospitals; (b) the dispensing of drugs at no charge to patients;(c) persons whose practices are situated ten miles or more from a registered pharmacy; (d) the dispensing of drugs in a clinic, infirmary or health service that is operated by or affiliated with a post-secondary institution; (e) the dispensing of drugs in a medical emergency; (f) the dispensing of drugs that are diluted, reconstituted or compounded by a prescriber; (g) the dispensing of allergenic extracts; or (h) the dispensing of drugs pursuant to an oncological or AIDS protocol.

Required Documentation:

No dispensing license or registration is required.

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